Berry Blast & Chyawanprash Snack Bars (Pack of 12)

Berry Blast & Chyawanprash Snack Bars (Pack of 12)


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It gets better with every bite! An assortment of nuts and oats with our very own secret ingredients feels like heaven on earth 

Healthier, tastier and nuttier than ever, this bar will surely leave you craving for more 

The power of Seeds: EAT Anytime bars bring to you the goodness of antioxidants, minerals and the Omega 3 to keep you healthy 

High in Fibre: EAT Anytime contains fiber both soluble and insoluble making it a yummy snack for your tummy 

Instant Energy: Our wholesome bars are equipped to energize you, uplift your mood and keep you focused 

Suitable for Kids: Perfect replacements for chocolate, ours energy bars are a healthier snack for your kids than a bag of chips 

Perfect & Healthy Snacking: Low in sugar and fats, easy to carry and tasty to eat, EAT Anytime is a perfect snack on the go

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